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WMWM temporarily isn't using live DJs until our campus reopens. Hopefully soon; in the meantime here are some shows we got to do via podcast or remote.
5-9-2020 Mostly Local (Boston artists and more) with Bob

5-7-2020 The Juke Joint with Bob
Quarantine Radio Show Apr 25
with WMWM and WMFO DJs, great music, Liz Bills interview

Liz Bills interview from the Apr 25, 2020 Quarantine Show

WMWM Bootleg Broadcast Quarantine Show #2 from April 9, 2020--DJs from WMWM, WMFO and more

WMWM Bootleg Broadcasts special remote quarantine show 3-26-2020.
Shawn, Aaron, Bob, Dan, Scott G, Mike Stewart, DJD and more!

Kevin Titus live on WMWM's What's Happening 3-7-2020 (just his segment)--portrayer of Presidents,rodeo rider and more...and his daughter calls in too!

3-7-2020 What's Happening with novelty songs, and interviews with Adam Sherman (w/ Sal Baglio Thu at Burren), portrayer Kevin Titus and his daughter, and Gary Sohmers (NE Comicon)

James Montgomery 2-22-2020

Kevin Titus 2-8-20

Gracie Curran 2-8-20

Mach Bell interview 2-2-20 (Thundertrain, Joe Perry

Note: For best results do not listen on your phone speaker.
NEW: Denny Laine interview 1/25/2020 on What's Happ

NEW: An interview with Tom Rush 1-18-20 on What's Hap.

NEW! LIVE IN OUR STUDIO music by Paul Nelson Band 1-11-20

Kevin Titus interview 1-5-20 on WMWM 91.7 Traxx of the Town with Aaron

Int. with Roger Kabler (Robin Williams impersonator) What's Happ 1-4-20

NEW! The 18 songs done on Festivus 2019

Pt 2 of Festivus with ALL THE LIVE MUSIC!

Interview with Paul Nelson Dec 28, 2019 on What's Happening
(appearing Jan 11 at 9 Wallis, Beverly)

Interview of Matty O on What's Happening
including broadcast premiere of "The Rolling Stone"

Festivus 2019 (Entire show starting with two hours of holiday music and talk)

Aaron interviews Adam Rivera 12=15-19

New! Acoustic Ave. 12/7/19 with int./live music by Katie Dobbins

New! Interview with Hadar (jazz vocal/great American songbook).
Not recommended on smartphone speaker, for best quality

Aaron interview with Hadar 12-1-19

We talked to Denny Laine on 11-23-19!

Craig LaGrassa and Juliette on Ac. Ave 11-9-19

Acoustic Avenue 11-2-19 with guest co host Judy Rudd and musical guest Caillie Hughes, live music.

Live music by Whose Muddy Shoes with Ronnie on Acoustic Ave. 9-28-19

Int. with Joe Milliken author of book Let's Go: Ben Orr and The Cars
as we pay tribute to Ric Ocasek

Linda Marks-- interview and live music 8-17-19

Denny Laine interview 8-17-19

Click here for podcasts of all the acts!

interview and live music by John Tamilio

Talk and live music with Mark Bishop Evans 10/5/19

Aaron talked to ball player/musician Bronson Arroyo
Interview of Denny Laine (Moody Blues, Wings) by Aaron and Ted Solovicos
Bob & Aaron with Pamela Ruby Russell and Eric Linter
Bob interviews Christine Ohlman
Mike Moore of Fire in the Field w Bob 4/13/19
Aaron interviewed Jonathan Edwards 3/30/19
Martin Barre interview with Aaron 6/15/19

Joe Millikin--book on Ben Orr of the Cars
Another talk with Joe Millikin--working on

Moving Past Tuesday 6/1/19

Bob interviewed Fee Waybill of the Tubes on May 12
Aaron talked to Jim McCarty of Yardbirds


The late great DOUG MASCOTT
MARCH 19, 1964 - MARCH 5, 2014

Doug Mascott (1964-2014) Tribute Page on Facebook