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WMWM hasn't have live DJs on since Mar due to the pandemic other than a couple "quarantine shows" we did.
We will eagerly return when we can. Our archives at WMWM917.com feature
great shows of the recent past including live performances. I am going through some of our other stuff
...for example an '05 show I did on Trax of the Town when I filled in for Doug (Alan Goodrich and Alan Cyr, guests--gotta find rest of the show). Also we are spreading the word about local artists
and will try to get their releases to you in the meantime. Traxx of the Town/Juke Joint/What's Happening/Acoustic Ave etc

WMWM Sat Night Shows Schedule

For WMWM's The Juke Joint go here

show IDs and liners


Live Streaming Entertainment For Everybody

What's Happening archive SAT NOON TO 3 PM WMWM--Aaron and Bob

What's Happening 2019

What's Happening 2020

What's Happening facebook page
What's Happening on WMFO shows archive

Acoustic Avenue archive with Ronnie Sat. 3 to 6 pm

Acoustic Avenue 2020 archive

Acoustic Avenue facebook page

Dawn's Early Light Sun 7-9 am--Zeke
Dawn's Early Light archive

Traxx of the Town Sun 9-noon with Josh, Aaron, Bob
Traxx of the Town archive

Traxx of the Town Facebook page

The Juke Joint
Juke Joint archive SUN NOON -3 PM Bob, Pete and Aaron

Juke Joint facebook page

Some North Shore club & band listings

Stan's List--Find local music

Local Music Demos

For now due to coronavirus we are unable to do our regular shows--
we hope to get back on soon.The station is on automation. We do have archives of many of our shows and
live performances. We have done some "Quarantine shows".

Links to many of our shows and performances
from 2019 and 2020

5-9-2020 Mostly Local (Boston artists and more) with Bob

5-7-2020 The Juke Joint with Bob
Quarantine Radio Show Apr 25
with WMWM and WMFO DJs, great music, Liz Bills interview

Liz Bills interview from the Apr 25, 2020 Quarantine Show

WMWM Bootleg Broadcast Quarantine Show #2 from April 9, 2020--DJs from WMWM, WMFO and more

WMWM Bootleg Broadcasts special remote quarantine show 3-26-2020.
Shawn, Aaron, Bob, Dan, Scott G, Mike Stewart, DJD and more!

Click here for podcasts of all the acts!

The late great DOUG MASCOTT
MARCH 19, 1964 - MARCH 5, 2014

Doug Mascott (1964-2014) Tribute Page on Facebook