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Interview of Denny Laine (Moody Blues, Wings) by Aaron and Ted Solovicos
on WMWM What's Happening 91.7 FM Salem MA (note for best results don't listen on smartphone speaker--ear buds, headphones recommended)


What's Happening archive SAT NOON TO 3 PM WMWM--Aaron and Bob

What's Happening 2019

Jeff Howell (Foghat) interview 1/19/19

What's Happening 2/2/19 feat Greg Walsh int./music

Tyler Morris interview from What's Happening 2/9/19

What's Happening show 2/9/19

Feb 16 show feat. Circus Trees

Circus Trees appearance on WMWM's What's Happening
including live music. Note: not recommended listening on a smartphone speaker. Some parts
may be low volume. Comp., headphones, earbuds, bluetooth will give better
quality and we're working on the songs, too (thanks Shawn)

What's Happening facebook page

What's Happening on WMFO shows archive

Acoustic Avenue archive with Ronnie Sat. 3 to 6 pm

Acoustic Avenue facebook page

Acoustic Ave. Feb 9

Acoustic Ave Feb 16 incl int. of Aubrey from Survivor

Dawn's Early Light Sun 7-9 am--Zeke
Dawn's Early Light archive

Traxx of the Town Sun 9-noon with Josh, Aaron, Bob
Traxx of the Town archive

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WMWMBlues.com The Juke Joint

Juke Joint archive SUN NOON -3 PM Bob, Pete and Aaron

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Stan's List--Find local music


Grande Cru

show IDs and liners

The late great DOUG MASCOTT
MARCH 19, 1964 - MARCH 5, 2014

Doug Mascott (1964-2014) Tribute Page on Facebook