Recent archive of WMWM weekend shows Kevin Titus live on WMWM's What's Happening 3-7-2020 (just his segment)--portrayer of Presidents,rodeo rider and more...and his daughter calls in too!

3-7-2020 What's Happening with novelty songs, and interviews with Adam Sherman (w/ Sal Baglio Thu at Burren), portrayer Kevin Titus and his daughter, and Gary Sohmers (NE Comicon)

James Montgomery 2-22-2020

Kevin Titus 2-8-20

Gracie Curran 2-8-20

Mach Bell interview 2-2-20 (Thundertrain, Joe Perry

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NEW: Denny Laine interview 1/25/2020 on What's Happ

NEW: An interview with Tom Rush 1-18-20 on What's Hap.

NEW! LIVE IN OUR STUDIO music by Paul Nelson Band 1-11-20

Kevin Titus interview 1-5-20 on WMWM 91.7 Traxx of the Town with Aaron

Int. with Roger Kabler (Robin Williams impersonator) What's Happ 1-4-20

NEW! The 18 songs done on Festivus 2019

Pt 2 of Festivus with ALL THE LIVE MUSIC!

Interview with Paul Nelson Dec 28, 2019 on What's Happening
(appearing Jan 11 at 9 Wallis, Beverly)

Interview of Matty O on What's Happening
including broadcast premiere of "The Rolling Stone"

Festivus 2019 (Entire show starting with two hours of holiday music and talk)

Aaron interviews Adam Rivera 12=15-19

New! Acoustic Ave. 12/7/19 with int./live music by Katie Dobbins

New! Interview with Hadar (jazz vocal/great American songbook).
Not recommended on smartphone speaker, for best quality

Aaron interview with Hadar 12-1-19

We talked to Denny Laine on 11-23-19!

Craig LaGrassa and Juliette on Ac. Ave 11-9-19

Acoustic Avenue 11-2-19 with guest co host Judy Rudd and musical guest Caillie Hughes, live music.

Live music by Whose Muddy Shoes with Ronnie on Acoustic Ave. 9-28-19

Int. with Joe Milliken author of book Let's Go: Ben Orr and The Cars
as we pay tribute to Ric Ocasek

Linda Marks-- interview and live music 8-17-19

Denny Laine interview 8-17-19

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interview and live music by John Tamilio

Talk and live music with Mark Bishop Evans 10/5/19

Aaron talked to ball player/musician Bronson Arroyo
Interview of Denny Laine (Moody Blues, Wings) by Aaron and Ted Solovicos
Bob & Aaron with Pamela Ruby Russell and Eric Linter
Bob interviews Christine Ohlman
Mike Moore of Fire in the Field w Bob 4/13/19
Aaron interviewed Jonathan Edwards 3/30/19
Martin Barre interview with Aaron 6/15/19

Joe Millikin--book on Ben Orr of the Cars
Another talk with Joe Millikin--working on

Moving Past Tuesday 6/1/19

Bob interviewed Fee Waybill of the Tubes on May 12
Aaron talked to Jim McCarty of Yardbirds